New Talent Award

Recipients of this award are new to the wedding industry. They have between 1-3 years experience in their field, and are considered by their peers to be highly creative and productive when it comes to delivering their service or product. Their enthusiasum is contagious and they consistantly deliver what they say they will.

Who can enter this Award Category?
Individuals who have 1-3 years experience, who offer a wedding day related service or product for couple (wedding cakes, invitations, photographs, videos, flowers, clothing., jewellery, etc. ). We reserve the right to review each entrants suitability for this category.

How does an Entrant qualify for a New Talent Award?
Five votes from five wedding industry professionals (from 5 different businesses), are required to qualify for this award.  Please ask your peers for permission to list them as peer contacts.

Where do the Votes come from?
Entrants provide a list of their peers and WedBiz staff contact each one to independantly verify if they think the award entrant is worthy of the award – and to ask them if they would like to vote.

Peers must be well respected, full-time wedding industry professionals who have been in their position for at least 3 years, and have worked with the same clients as the award entrant. We reserve the right to exclude peers who do not meet our criteria or those who have poor online reviews.

If you are a photographer you might include planners, DJ’s, and venue managers in your list of peers. If you’re an invitation designer or cake designer, your peer list might include venue managers, photographers and planners.

Please ask your peers for permission to list them as peer contacts.  When you submit a resume for a job, you ask people ahead of time if they would mind being a reference.  Same principle applies here.

When can I enter?
You can enter at anytime because you are not directly competing against others.

When are the Award results announced?
Award results are announced to the entrant as soon as we have independantly established that they have enough votes to qualify. From the time a person enters the awards, it takes approximately 1 week to contact all of their peers and notify them of their results. In general, the more peer contacts an entrant has, the faster we can verify them as there is no delay waiting for calls to be returned – we can simply contact another peer until we have five confirmed votes.

What do entrants receive if they qualify for the Award for Outstanding Service?
Entrants will receive an email confirmation of their results along with a listing on this site, an award seal JPEG and a personalized PDF Certificate. Laser engraved glass awards can be ordered from the Awards Store.

What does it cost to enter an award category?
The entrance fee is $59 for one category and $79 for two categories. This covers the independant verification of votes process and an award seal JPEG and a personalised PDF certificate for successful entrants.

How many award categories can I enter?
The maximum number of categories that one person can enter is 2 categories. If a person has three or more years of experience in their field they can enter these award categories:

– Ouststanding Service Award
– Creative Talent Award

If a person has less than three years experience in their field, they can enter these two categories:

– Outstanding Service Award
– New Talent Award


We reserve the right to disqualify participants that do any of the following: violate trademarks, infringe copyrights, impersonate others, invade privacy, discriminate based on race, beliefs or sexual orientation, make threats of violence, promote illegal activities, promote pornography, spam others, engage in abusive behavior, promise anything of value in exchange for a peer vote, or otherwise violate the friendly spirit of the awards.

Our goal is to keep the playing field fair.    Participants may be removed or disqualified from the awards, with immediate effect if it is felt that they are harming the reputation of their peers, competitors, or the awards process itself.

If we receive valid complaints about an entrant who engages in the following, we will first investigate and then disqualify (if warranted).  (Making unsubstantiated complaints about a competitor will also result in disqualification.)

  • Online reviews will be taken into consideration when determining if an entrant is eligible to participate.
  • Discriminating against clients based on their race, beliefs or sexual orientation.
  • Takes deposits or payments from clients without delivering a product or service as promised
  • Plagiarizes content from other businesses websites, including text and images.
  • Offering anything of value in exchange for votes is not permitted. Participants who try to hire peers to secure votes unfairly will be disqualified.
  • People who publicly denounce their competitors, disrespect them in public forums such as Facebook, Twitter etc.- or their abilities or engage in any conduct that harms the reputation of another business will be ineligible to participate.
  • People who have poor online reviews across multiple platforms will be ineligible to participate.

We reserve the right to disqualify participants who provide a list of peer contacts that don’t know them well enough to answer questions about their eligibility for an award.

We will also reserve the right to disqualify participants who provide a list of peer contact details that are incomplete, inaccurate or include the contacts details for people who are no longer working in the industry.



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